Sherry Michelle



"Art is life. Life is art. Do what makes you happy."

- Sherry Michelle

Currently experimenting wildly with new mediums, surfaces + textures. My most recent series is inspired by organic interpretation of seascapes, landscapes, minerals, gemstones, crystals + celestial forms. I like to play with the dualities of soft + rigid, depth + surface,  and revelation + enigma. My process is intuitive + experimental as each piece represents unity, wholeness, infinity, and movement. It is my passion to create mysticism through my love of art. 

Sherry's paintings are one of a kind. She is available for special order commission work.  Her work has exhibited with Moore Galleries on the Parkway, MergeArts, Art is Life, Underground Arts of Philadelphia, and 30 Main Gallery, Mainline PA

Sherry's most recent ocean series works are currently on show at: Countryside Gallery | 2 S. State Street | Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940

If you are interested in a commission piece, please email    |




mother + daughter + lover + partner + friend + sister

teacher + barefoot explorer + creator + thinker

beach addict + feeler + grateful + blessed

peaceful + optimistic + inspired + nature + nurturer

flowers + strong + hopeful + happy + puppies

kittens + candy + cupcakes + love + acceptance 

free + open + light + love + namaste


Upcoming Exhibition:

December 2018

Small Works Showcase

Countryside Gallery  

Newtown, Pa